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Do Business Cards matter anymore?

With the rapid growth of social media marketing and mobile devices, many people believe that business cards have lost their appeal. While it’s true that the ‘traditional’ role of business cards has joined the ranks of dial telephones, there is a whole new way of using business cards that turn them into one of your most valuable marketing tools.
Business cards are no longer about identifying who you are. Rather, that same sized card is now your most valuable call-to-action marketing piece. In the world of relationship marketing, a successfully designed business card acts like a hyperlink on steroids. When a person first meets you, they will remember more about how you made them feel, rather than what you said. Knowing that, your business card serves two purposes. It should be designed to reflect your personality so that they ‘remember’ you, and at the same time, it should drive people to your website, social media pages or to specific product or service offers.
Here are important things to consider in your business card design:

WIIFM (Whats In It For Me): Even though your card has your contact information on it, it should not be about you. A successful business card will have a headline statement that shows what’s in it for the prospect. For example, you may list your title as ‘Personal Trainer’, but that’s what you are. Your clients want to be healthy, fit and sexy. You’ll have a bigger impact if you add a headline which reads: “Get Your Sexy On” or “Sculpt An Adonis Body” or “You Deserve To Be Sexy and Fit”

SOLVE A PROBLEM: Giving out business cards is easy. The trick is getting people to keep them, and to take action and become one of your clients. Your business card should solve your prospects problem. No matter what your profession is, your business card should make you seem like an expert that they can trust and rely on, and who’s easy to contact, and can get the job done. A well designed business card is backed up by solid social media. Consumers and business prospects are social media savvy. They expect you to have well thought out, informative online and social media presence. They want to know that other people are satisfied with your services so that they can feel confident in choosing you.

BE CREATIVE: Everyone knows that first impressions are important. Your business card is your second impression, and it has to be the link to creating a bigger impression by leading them to your digital resources. A well thought out business card makes people feel like you care about your prospect, and that you have nothing to hide. It should be rich in call-to-action, and identify links to your social media so that people know that you are more than a smile and handshake.

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