Unifying systems essential to your business

Platform Integration is the mode of combining various applications and services. This especially comes into play when you’re building a business application that needs to integrate with other systems either in or outside your organization. With a deep understanding of existing platforms (so deep that we’ve even built them ourselves) – we understand how they work and have the ability and proficiency to integrate your platform with internal systems or any third party solutions that best fit your business needs.

The services offered can be summarized in the following three categories

Platform Migration

  • Platform and infrastructure assessment
  • Service integration and orchestration
  • Platform management and monitoring


Transforming into capability platform

  • Building a unified platform model
  • Optimizing and rationalizing business process
  • Adapting and enhancing new capabilities


API management

  • Managing API lifecycle and exchange infrastructure
  • Assisting in new business model
  • Enriching monetizing capabilities