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Web Analytics

Whether you’re a small business, or a mid-sized enterprise you need a digital analytics expert who can understand your measurement objectives, knows how tools like Google Analytics can help, assists you in making right business decisions and further measures performance. We have experience in helping many organizations with getting control of their data using tools like Google Analytics, HotJar, TruConversion, and others to set up a system to measure every aspect of your digital marketing efforts.

We Are Solutions Oriented

Having a great product, and cutting-edge marketing strategy won’t do wonders for your business unless you have a team to analyze the collected data and track the impact of your efforts against your capital invested. That’s where digital analytics comes in.

Digital analytics is all about interpreting the insane amount of data your business generates, as well as available competitors’ data to gather meaningful insights that can improve the online experience of your customers and drive both online & offline success. Without measuring your efforts, you’ll have a hard time knowing what works, what doesn’t & how to best optimize your website & campaigns to improve performance.

What We Do:

Define measurement goals

To define meaningful goals, targets & segments, we first organize the right people to be involved with the planning process. Next, we focus on laying out a solid measurement plan built on the right planning model. Our expert digital analytics team identifies your business objectives, KPIs & targets to measure performance.

Create implementation plan

Designing right digital analytics implementation plan for every business size – small or large, specific to the business objectives is important. If you’re using Google Analytics, we’ll define the code snippets & specific product features in our implementation plan to help you make right business decisions & improve productivity.

Google Analytics Set up

We do everything from analytics tracking code installation to essential configuration settings including setting up filters views, goals ecommerce tracking & campaign tagging.

In-depth Analysis

We perform baseline analysis of your website metrics to understand your visitor’s behaviour, gain insights on latest trends across your site, identify ROI challenges and find out new opportunities. The in-depth analytics done by our expert team also answers questions like – How visitors arrived on your site, Where are you losing potential traffic, How to shoot up conversion rate etc.

Document technical environment

For more concrete analytics tracking, our digital analytics experts document technical environment involved to answer the questions like – What are the server technologies you’re using, Whether your business is active on mobile, Is your website responsive, Do the technologies you’re using make it possible to track everything we need to track & a lot more.

Implement the planned model

Once we design the plan, we proceed further by forwarding it to our implementation team that accurately configures everything keeping in mind the plan, purpose, targets & tracking recommendations.

Maintain & Improve

Our implementation process is flexible & cyclical. After every implementation stage, we iterate over our model to maintain & refine your business plans. This ensures your data evolves as your business goals change or when your requirements shoot up high.

Advanced Reporting

To give actionable insights from your data, we offer executive level reports that can help you make right business decisions & optimize your marketing plans. From custom dashboard to segmentation, we create intelligent reports for smarter analysis. Not just this, our cutting-edge analytics configuration tracks everything from visitors’ demographics & potential conversions to finding more opportunities.
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