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Converting your current site to a responsive WordPress design is usually the fastest, and least expensive way to stabilize your online marketing efforts. Moving to the WordPress platform will allow you to scale your marketing efforts as your business grows.
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WordPress is (for most small businesses) the best platform for website development. When you take in to consideration cost, scalability, features, SEO, integrations, and end-user ease of use, WordPress is very hard to beat. Most small businesses do not need custom websites with all the newest and latest features in use by the large companies with unlimited budgets. What you need is a competently built marketing platform (website) that will communicate to your leads, prospects & customers effectively, and that has the ability to scale up as your business grows. That is why we chose WordPress, and why we excel in WordPress conversions. A conversion is the least expensive way to get started with WordPress if you have an existing site not built on this amazing platform.
Is WordPress the right CMS for your business? Most likely, but its always best to have a quick conversation about it! Schedule a complimentary consultation today and we will answer all your questions!


Here is a summary of our 10 step conversion process:
  • We conduct a thorough walk through of your current site, and an extensive consultation to establish where you are, and where you want to be.
  • We review every page of your current site, and look at the analytics (if possible) to identify anything that is currently working for you. We explain every strategy ahead of time, so you are confident that when you say GO, we move forward in an organized, outcome oriented manner.
  • We set up a development account with our hosting partner (whom we believe is the absolute best!) , with professional WordPress hosting, with a development account, so you current site is not interrupted.
  • We identify the plugins and features that will be used on your site, and intall / configure them.
  • We take all of your current content, forms, CTA (calls to action), and structure and build it on your new site.
  • Once your site is somewhat presentable, we review our aesthetic changes that require approval before moving forward. The earlier we identify and establish the “look” of your site, the less time we spend tweaking every page. This strategy can save hours of development time and costs.
  • After aesthetics has been approved, we complete the conversion, and present your new site.
  • Upon approval, we modify DNS settings, maintaining your email servers, subdirectories, site verifications etc and your new site goes LIVE!
  • If your employees or principals require training on your new site, such as blogging, events, and portfolios, we train them to use the new site confidently.
  • Site maintenance is extremely important, so we will present to you our strategies designed for every budget to remove the burden of your website from your mind, so you can focus on making money in your business!

Fully Responsive Conversion

Your website is always converted to a fully responsive site. The amount of usage on mobile devices is growing fast, and your site will have a great user experience on mobile. We keep your site design, your message, content, and functionality flawlessly consistent across all device dimensions without making any sacrifices on quality or performance.

Clean & Structured Code

When necessary, our developers write clean, consistent, and highly structured code (CSS, HTML, Javascript) in compliance with W3C standards to ensure maximum performance and error-free output across the board. Your WordPress conversion is carried out with code that is written for easy management, customization, and comprehension without compromising speed or user-experience.

Themes & Options

We ONLY use paid, professionally developed and supported themes. NO exceptions. We don’t sell or recommend custom theme development. 99.9% of WordPress sites can start with a great theme (usually around $70) and then have some minor customization to make it unique. This ensures a delightful, hassle-free admin experience.

Widgets & Integrations

Widget-ready themes let you enjoy the extensibility of WordPress without errors or hassles. Our developers work with hundreds of web applications, SaaS providers, CRM systems and other 3rd party products to go even further improving your customer experience.

Optimized For Performance

We work hard to choose an optimized theme for high performance and fast page load speed for great user experience. Stringent quality standards while coding, extensive testing, validation, coupled with complete front-end and back-end optimization means makes for dynamic themes with fast rendering and loading times.

Updates and Maintenance

WordPress is constantly being improved and upgraded. Your plugins are always being improved and upgraded. So is your theme. UIS developers are always working with upgrades, maintenance and scalability in mind. Our maintenance programs have built in backup, plugin updates, theme updates, and security as priorities.
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