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The New Leader in Integration

Workato, a leader in Gartner MQ, is much more than an iPaaS. It is an Intelligent Automation platform that can be used by both Business and IT.

Better Integrations Through Intelligent Automation

A single platform that automates work and powers innovation across your business.

Intuitive Interface to design, build and manage integrations

Workato helps anyone create integrations and automations, with no programming skills required. Our users range from business users, app admins, business analysts, operations to IT and developers.

Recipe IQ

Workato platform uses machine learning algorithms based on billions of integration events and hundreds of thousands of integration use cases to assist you in building effective integrations and automations.

Responsive Integrations

Design your workflows as simple and as complex as you’d like with any combination of apps, triggers & actions, conditions, loops, error handling, and more. Change/add new actions anytime.

Automate with Clicks not Code

Empower technical (e.g. IT/Developers) and non-technical users (e.g. business analysts) to build integrations to automate business processes. The easy to use interface enables everyone to design workflows with no code.

225K+ ready to use community recipes

Jump start your integration by cloning and customizing community recipes. Unlike templates, these are ready to deploy to get you up and running in a few hours – not weeks or months.

Reusable integrations

Easily clone and share integration recipes for faster deployment, improved collaboration. People you share with can easily customize them for their specific needs.

Smart Versioning

Build your integrations iteratively with automatic version control. Rollback to older or upgrade to newer versions – you will never lose any work.
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