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What We Do

Consulting Services

Every aspect of small business has changed dramatically in the last two decades. The increased use and lowering costs of business technology has forced business owners to hire specialized experts in the field of online marketing, advertising, IT, graphic design, accounting, and general operations. The high cost and legal risk of having employees has gotten out of control, and generally the employee pool in these essential skills is full of  graduates and hobbyists with technical skill, but no experience. This lack of experience forces the employee to isolate themselves in their work, often with no consideration of how the product of their work effects the other departments in the business. This non-integration leads to inefficiency, office politics, job protectionism, and overall reduced performance of the enterprise. 

Through our services and plans, we offer small business owners outsourced expertise combined with experience in the various technology dependent departments. 

managed wordpress hosting

Your hosting solution for your website is the heart of the platform stability. Stability translates in to business performance and continuity. 

 WordPress is amazing. It’s the heartbeat of the internet in a way. It has unlimited capabilities for small to medium sized business owners to craft the ultimate customer experience through the use of plugins, services, and features. 

There are caveats. It requires planning, testing, maintenance, monitoring, and effort to keep it running well. If your website is your lowest paid, most loyal employee, working 24/7, then your management plan is that employees direct boss or supervisor.

We offer two managed hosting classes: Advanced and Ultimate. Our advanced plans use shared hosting through CloudAccess and our Ultimate Plans use dedicated environments through WPEngine. 

One of our fundamental philosophies is “Don’t Pay For What You Don’t Need”. Every situation is different and we will help you decide which plan is best to start with. Upgrade as you grow.

wordpress web platforms

Integrated, professional web development is difficult to obtain these days.  There are plenty of developers and agencies but few understand integrated business processes like marketing, analytics, fulfillment, public relations and customer service. Your website is heavily involved in all of these areas of your business.    It’s not enough to have a nice looking site anymore…

Adaptability, efficiency and scalability are built in to our platform design process.  You won’t need a re-design the next year or the year after because there is some new trend or technology. 

Customer Relationship management

Modern CRM systems are essential to the success of ANY business now. If you are still using spreadsheets for example, you are now over two decades BEHIND your competition! The use of modern multi function customer database systems is unavoidable.  Email and texting are must-use communication methods. Tracking customer behavior, like spending, website visits, and other data points (there are 1000’s) help you understand your marketing performance and industry trends. 

The challenge:  There are hundreds if not over 1000 CRM systems to choose from. On top of that you need integrations with your other software-as-a-service (SaaS) and technology. You want to avoid the trap of introducing new technology in your business and actually having it backfire, antagonizing not only you, but your employees, and your customers!

We can help you make better decisions,  become more efficient, delight your customers and increase profits by helping you find and implement a modern CRM system.

Digital marketing

Once you have your website, and your database management (CRM) its time to increase the number of people who are exposed to your products and services. Most of your marketing in 2020 will be digital. The term Digital Marketing encompasses hundreds of techniques you can use to increase then amount of prospects, leads, and customers in your business. Paid Advertising, Copywriting, SEO, Video Sales Letters, Landing Pages, Webinars, and Email Marketing all fall under the umbrella of Digital Marketing. 

Knowing where to start is the key. Experts in these fields will say “their” technique is the best, and you “must” be doing it, and if you aren’t “you are losing money!”. 

The problem with hiring an expert in these fields is as stated before the lack of integration, and “big picture” view of how what they are doing fits into the puzzle that is your business.

We can help you sort it out. Objectively ask the right questions. Look at your ENTIRE operation and make sure that when you begin implementing a digital marketing strategy, it doesn’t just cause more problems that the implementer never considered.

We provide many of these services, and we are happy to work with your other chosen experts to help your company succeed.

Digital Marketing Service Contract reviews are always complimentary!

merchant payment solutions

Over 15 years ago, this company started by helping clients reduce the amount of transaction fees associated with taking payment via credit cards. The payments industry has changed immensely since that time, and transaction fees are a reality. 

But we haven’t given up. Many of our clients have been with us over a decade. That’s unheard of the payments world. They stay because we fight to keep fees low in the face of auto-increases, shady techniques, bait and switch, unethical equipment leases, and other tactics used by the processing companies to fleece small business owners. 

We have never analyzed a statement in which we couldn’t save someone money. 

The merchant services industry has expanded to include ATMs, Short Term Loans, Factoring, Point of Sale, Automatic Billing, and industry-specific solutions like tableside ordering for restaurants, or mobile transactions for drivers. 

Every business is unique – we will help you chart a path that eliminates waste, increases efficiency, and gives you value returned from the transaction fees you are forced to pay by the payment processing industry.

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